Day 76 – Flower – Aquaponic Marijuana — Curing Jar & Harvest/Upgrade Plans

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Join me on my journey to create the most powerful and most sustainable aquaponic cannabis.

-Life Forms-
Marijuana Strain : Herijuana
Seed Germination Date : November 15, 2020
Fish Species : Red Nile Tilapia (9)
Worms : Red Wigglers

Fish Tank/Grow Bed : 250g IBC Tote (Chop & Flip)
Grow Light : California Light Works – Solar Storm Xtreme 1000
Grow Media : Hydroton Clay
A/C Unit : 24k BTU Mini Split
De-Humidifier : MIDEA MAD35C1ZWS 50p Day
Air Pump : EcoAir5
Air Disc : 6 Inch Eco Disc
Video Camera : GoPro Hero8 Black
Module 1 Computer Suite : Raspberry pi 4(8Gb)
Air/Humidity Sensor : BME280
PH Sensor : Atlas Scientific EZO Ph
Light Sensor : Tsl2591
Flow Sensor : DIGITEN G3/4″ Water Flow Hall Sensor

Nuts Are Protein? The Myth That Won’t Die

For some factor, people continue to consider nuts as healthy protein foods. However they’re not, and the nut numbers show this. Isn’t it time to face fats?

Healthy Eating – What You Should Know About Biological Value

As you deal with intending your menu, one thing you will certainly intend to consider is something called biological worth (BV). Many people are fairly efficient remaining on top of research study so they can figure out which foods hold the most nutrients as well as which ones will help enhance health and wellness the most effective. Where numerous go incorrect, however, is neglecting the fact because a food is healthy, it does not necessarily imply it will be fully used by the body. That is where the organic value (BV) enters into play. Organic worth refers to protein-rich foods and goes over just how well these foods will be utilized after they are taken in.

Enjoying Food Lets You Avoid the Consequences?

Some people believe it’s fine to eat any food, as long as we appreciate it or have it in small amounts. Will that function for every person? Regrettably not, as well as this short article discovers the common “knowledge.”

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle While Having Fun

Individuals are continuously asking me how I maintain my figure. Diet programs is not my thing, I just like to live a healthy way of life eating & doing points that I delight in. Because I obtain asked so lots of questions regarding my secrets I determined to place together a write-up today on a few of the ways I live a healthy lifestyle by doing the important things that I enjoy.

Child Development Stages – Definition and Importance

Youngster advancement stages are the academic landmarks of child advancement. Early youth is a time of incredible development throughout all areas of growth.

Healthy Eating – Best Food Choices For Healthy Skin

So commonly when we consider proper nutrition, we often tend to think about which foods will aid us reach our target body weight or will certainly assist us boost our heart-health, fight cancer, or minimize our threat of stroke. While these are all crucial variables to think about, one can not overlook the value of having healthy skin also. What you consume will influence your skin’s wellness. Which foods will help you have soft, smooth, silky skin? Here is your line-up.

Healthy Eating – Four Ways To Use Oatmeal

When it pertains to healthy and balanced carbohydrate sources, you may seem like there are few options. As a person who is securely enjoying their blood sugar degrees, you might be extremely restricted regarding what you can and can not consume for breakfast while on an eating strategy to lower your body weight in addition to your blood glucose. One carbohydrate – oatmeal – is very flexible. This solitary carbohydrate is an excellent source of fiber, includes no sugar, as well as is loaded with lasting power.

10 Ways to Naturally Boost Immunity, by a Holistic Nutrition + Health Coach

How often do you claim to yourself, as you are house sick from deal with a fever, “I want I had actually taken better treatment of myself!” Making use of food and also lifestyle techniques, you can normally increase immune health and wellness so you can beat the viruses flowing at the office, and also save your ill days for something extra interesting.

What Are Some of the Special Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice?

There are certain gifts of nature that can go a long means in true blessing our lives in manner ins which we can not envision. We often take the important things that nature offer us for granted but when in a while it is excellent to quit and also choose what is indeed best for us.

Nutritious and Delicious Food Recipes for Toddlers

It is essential to know as well as value your child’s sort as well as preferences while preparing a meal prepare for them.It is excellent to include youngsters every once in a while to select and prepare their own meals.

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