DIY : How To Build Aquaponic System (Part 1) || Simple RAS system Tilapia Ponds


Aquaponic system is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics in a symbiotic environment.

In aquaponics, animal excretion is given to plants to be broken down into nitrates and nitrites through natural processes, and used by plants as nutrients. The water then circulates back into the aquaculture system.

The materials used in this video are:
~ Semi-rubber tarpaulin pool size 200 cm x 60 cm x 50 cm
~ 1 “pipe for fish pond support and hydroponic pipes
~ 3 “pipe for hydroponics

DIY : How to Build Aquaponic System (part 2) || Simple RAS system Tilapia Ponds

Reducing Inflammation – The Less Inflammation You Have Is Better for Your Health

Inflammation is a procedure within our own bodies which it uses to safeguard us from condition and injury. Like all these points in life, a great deal of also a superb thing can be negative for all of us.

Reading Food Labels – Ignoring Them Is Bad for Your Health

If you resemble many people if you do check out food identifies the extremely initial point that you most likely listen to is the amount of calories listed. However calories are actually all regarding circumstance and do not inform the entire tale.

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Healthy Eating – Three Super Reasons to Start Drinking Lemon Water Today

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Vitamin C For A Healthier And Longer Life

Your body always needs the best kind of percentage of nutrients to keep it healthy and balanced as well as make all the features occur properly in the body. Vitamin C has actually been thought about as one of the most valuable nutrients that you can provide to your body. A great deal of wellness professionals have had a whole lot of conversations concerning it and also they have actually all pertained to the final thought that this vitamin has unlimited health advantages to give for a healthy and balanced life as well as one should understand about them in order to recognize what is best for their health and wellness.

Healthy Eating – A New Healthy Tea on the Market

Possibilities are by currently you have actually listened to how healthy and balanced green tea is. It seems every person all over is getting on the environment-friendly tea bandwagon. We have actually discovered it can assist you boost heart health, burn fat, and also enhance your cholesterol degrees. Now, there is a brand-new tea on the market. That tea is Matcha tea. What is this everything about and also should you be consuming it? Allow us review a few of the crucial points you will certainly want to know.

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