How to Grow Rosella AKA Jamaican Sorrel PLUS Jam, Tea & Syrup Recipes

How to Grow Rosella AKA Jamaican Sorrel plus Jam, Tea & Syrup Recipes
Hi folks. With Autumn now upon us here in SE Queensland Australia we’re starting to get a bumper crop from our Rosella bushes. These spectacular looking plants have provided us with with a number of tasty harvests that have so far been turned into jams, syrups, cordials, teas & salads. I would definitely recommend growing Rosellas to anyone that likes a bit of a fruity zing in their meals & drinks.
Hope you enjoyed the clip & your gardens are booming.
Cheers all,

Jamaican Sorrel Drink Recipe from “Cook Like A Jamaican”

Traditional Caribbean Sorrel Drink from “Caribbeanpot”

How to Make Zobo Drink from All Nigerian Recipes.
This one is particularly interesting as they have used garlic as well.

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