New Fine Solids Filter for Aquaponics System

G’Day Folks. I have started to have issues with solids in the fish tank of our aquaponic system. I’ve decided to add another small filter into the system so it works very similar to our old system which had pristine water quality. It’s a very basic builder which may help a number of you folks out.

Hope this clip helps you with a few ideas & that your gardens are booming.
Cheers all. 🐟 πŸŒ±πŸ…

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0:00 Introduction
0:19 Water & Solids Movement Through System
2:33 Makeshift Solids Filter
3:13 Filter Arrangement In Old Aquaponic System
3:48 New Fine Solids Filter
5:11 Filter Results After 24 Hours
6:11 Feeding the Fish To Test The Filter
7:04 My Thoughts On Filtering Aquaponics Systems
8:42 Future Systems & Improving Solids Filtration
9:54 Helpful Playlists
10:43 Feeding The Fish

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